Facebook Evolution

Hey guys, I know it hasn’t got much to do with iOS or Apple but Facebook is the most social website! So here’s a few photos about its evolution:










My source: http://itechnow.com/the-evolution-of-facebook/

Thanks guys!



Nokia Lumia 925’s new Ad Campaign bashes iPhone 5

Hey guys so in this video Nokia explains how thought more photos are taken on iPhone 5 than any other phone, Nokia Lumia 925 takes the best ones!

Now I must agree with the video, but 1) wait for iPhone 5S, and 2) Apple is so good at the products they make that other brands have to compare their products against theirs like Microsoft & Samsung! I mean, Apple has bever, EVER made an Ad against other products, why? Because theirs is better! 😉
Then again, that’s my opinion, post yours in the comments below!

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How to Cancel app Updates – Jailbreak Tweak

Hey guys! So there is this new jailbreak tweak which lets you cancel app updates while they are updating. You would want to do that if the update removes a feature you liked or whatever but the tweak is called: CancelUpdate!

To use CancelUpdate, place your device into wiggle mode by tapping and holding on any of the app icons on your Home screen. Once you do this, tap the ‘x’ in the upper left-hand corner of the app that’s currently being updated, and you’ll receive a pop-up notification prompting you to cancel the update.

Remember to do it pretty quick BEFORE the app finishes updating!

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iOS 7 beta 3 problems

Hey guys, since my beliefs that beta 4 will come out tomorrow are most probably right (doesn’t surprise me), here’s just a bunch of problems I’ve encountered throughout these 3 weeks (yes, three weeks between the two betas) :

20130728-192153.jpg Uhhm, Music in landscape mode doesn’t usually come in portrait!

20130728-192833.jpg In Control Center it’s currently playing music, but no title and it doesn’t show the timing. I’ve also had a problem with the torch sometimes!

20130728-193059.jpg This happens for 1/2 a second when opening reminders app!

20130728-193208.jpg Yup….

20130728-193653.jpg I’ve also had some problems for the Messages app on iPad, like I couldn’t send pictures or messages!!

Thanks guys!